South Baltic green tech 2017: have your say

Fresh water or a diamond? The need for a new green culture in the South Baltic area.

The fresh water shortages experienced by parts of southern Sweden during the spring 2016 are an unsettling environmental signal. A number of Swedish rural households and farms rely on wells, many of which have already run out of water. We seem to experience a paradigm shift in what economists describe as the diamond-water paradox. This is one of many environmental and energy challenges in the South Baltic, which need attention. Akko Karlsson of the Swedish Green Party will kickstart a debate on the South Baltic green culture, where your views and concerns matter.


Is your current research looking into:

environmental and energy challenges;

the green economy;

green innovation, disruption and economic paradigm shifts;

green policies and territorial impact;

green tech research and innovation;

the need for strategic green investments?


Use an unique opportunity to exchange with our expert panel composed of Interreg together with Baltic development experts and green tech practitioners.


12 September 2017, University of Roskilde, 15:30 - 16:45


Can you challenge the experts? Have your say and post your question / research finding / view / concern using the form below.

You can join us in Roskilde or anticipate answers and comments in a live stream on 12 September 2017.

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