AquaLoop - Aquaculture expert floor for circular economy practice

Based on AquaLoop partners’ know-how and facilities, through pilots cases on aquaculture waste management, technology transfer to SMEs, in response to demonstration and education needs it is essential to showcase the circular economy loop, increase profits, boost production, sector and employability, in accordance to Green Deal, and Sustainable Development Goals.

In the context of the EU Circular Economy Plan, the project has the potential to successfully serve the needs of sustainable waste management by aquaculture farms, increase their innovation potential, and raise awareness of the added value products based on waste. It also aims at the development of the South Baltic Aquaculture Competence Centre planned as the follow-up of the AquaVIP project cooperation.

Project total eligible budget
€ 40,000.00
€ 33,450.00
Project start date
01 Jul 2022
Project end date
31 Oct 2022
Lead partner

Name: University of Gdansk   
Address: Bażyńskiego 8, Gdańsk, 80-309
REGION PÓŁNOCNY, Pomorskie, Trójmiejski PL633
Country: Poland

Project partner
Name: University of Rostock
Country: Germany
Name: Klaipeda University
Country: Lithuania
Name: Guldborgsund Municipality
Country: Denmark