Final Conference of South Baltic Manors project!

The final conference of the SB Manors project took place last week in Godętowo, in the Kashubia region. The project aims at creating a network of experts in manors and rural development to put together their experiences in order to create a shared tourism platform at the regional level. As part of the meeting, a field trip has been organized across the manors of the Northern Kashubian area. The project has involved 23 manor houses and palaces in this area. In the past, over 200 land estates were located in the Puck, Lębork and Wejherowo counties, making this region extremely wealthy. The main exhibition about this project and Kashubian culture is in Wejherowo Museum, the seat of the Museum of Kashubian-Pomeranian Literature and Music, which is itself one of the palaces located across the region.

The first visit took place in Folwark Jackowo, a superb agritourism farm in the heart of the Kashubia region led by Anna Mazus and her daughter Nicole. The property belonged to the Fließbach family before World War II, and it still holds a 19th-century palace in neo-classical style, which is undergoing restoration to preserve the original architecture.

The Ciekocinko Palace has located 6 km from the Baltic coast and its construction dates back to the years 1908-1910. Once owned by a German noble family, the Ewest family, it is today a luxurious hotel that tries to preserve the antique design of the original building.

The Krokowa Castle is today a museum that preserves historic interiors like the famous Gdansk-styled furniture, Nuremberg-styled stoves and a well-preserved polychrome ceiling dating from 1691 in the castle restaurant. It was held by the Krokowski family, one of the oldest Pomeranian families, first mentioned in 1285.

Last but not least, the Rzucewo Castle, a 19th-century neo-gothic palace located by the Puck Bay, is a majestic residence due to its location and old-fashioned design.

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