Online application system (WOD2021)

Link to online application system (WOD2021):
All applicants and logged-in users should work only on English version of the WOD2021 system to avoid any potential errors.

To search for the Interreg South Baltic 2021-2027 call announcements use search tab and type STHB - call announcements for relevant Measures will appear. 

Please note that the following WOD2021 supporting documents and templates might by updated during the call opening. Please check this section regularly.

In case of WOD2021 related questions and errors, please contact

Files to download:

 Application Form working document in WOD_1st Small-scale projects call (docx) 134.0 KB

 WOD2021 Applicant Manual - General Part_v1.1. (pdf) 1.28 MB

 WOD2021 Applicant Manual_v1.1. (pdf) 1017.0 KB

 WOD2021 AF Budget MACRO_1st Small-scale projects call (xlam) 18.0 KB

 WOD2021 AF Budget list of functions for Excel file (docx) 28.0 KB

 Frequently Asked Questions on WOD2021 (pdf) 2.14 MB


Educational video:

In the educational video below you can follow up the demonstration of the preparation of an application form in he WOD2021 system.

You can download the video  here (mp4) 1203.88 MB.

Timing of different sections:

00:00:50 – administrator and giving rights to the system, creating a role

00:06:00 – searching for calls for proposals

00:07:34 – creating an application form

00:10:42 – section: Project information

00:18:20 -  section: Applicants and project partners

00:26:40 - section: Project’s indicators

00:38:10  - section: Work packages

00:51:00 - section: Project’s budget

01:29:10 - section: Budget summary

01:30:00 - section: Cofinancing sources

01:40:00 - section: Risk Analyses

01:43:13 - section: Additional information

01:44:40 - section: Statements

01:45:45 - section: Appendices

01:50:16 - checking correctness of application form

01:54:54 - Q&A session