Online application system (WOD2021)

Link to online application system (WOD2021):
All applicants and logged-in users should work only on English version of the WOD2021 system to avoid any potential errors.

To search for the Interreg South Baltic 2021-2027 call announcements use search tab and type STHB - call announcements for relevant Measures will appear. 

Here you can watch the recording from 31 October 2023 of the webinar on the Application Form in the online application system (WOD2021). The webinar provides a working knowledge of the WOD2021 system usage: how to prepare and submit a project application for the 2nd call for proposals of the Interreg South Baltic Programme 2021-2027.


The recording of the webinar has informative character only, when completing the AF please follow the Guidelines on filling in and submitting the Application Form

Please note that the following WOD2021 supporting documents and templates might by updated during the call opening. Please check this section regularly.

In case of WOD2021 related questions and errors, please contact

Files to download:

 Application Form working document in WOD_2nd call (docx) 146.0 KB

 WOD2021 Applicant Manual - General Part_v1.1. (pdf) 1.28 MB

 WOD2021 Applicant Manual_v1.1. (pdf) 1017.0 KB

 WOD2021 AF Budget MACRO_2nd call (xlam) 18.0 KB

 WOD2021 AF Budget list of functions for Excel file_2nd call (docx) 28.0 KB

 Frequently Asked Questions on WOD2021 (pdf) 2.14 MB


Budget planning tool for regular projects (unofficial)

This tool is not an official tool of the Interreg South Baltic Programme

The tool supports planning the budget for regular projects including closure costs, but it shall not be uploaded to the AF in WOD2021. The project's budget shall always be completed in the "Project budget" section of the AF in WOD2021. You could use the tool for budget and work planning on your own risk. More detailed information on the budget planning you could find in the Programme Manual at the Programme Website.

If you find mistakes or if you have suggestions for improvements, please contact Alexander Schwock

Files to download:

 Budget planning supporting tool (xlsm) 100.0 KB