National guidelines

General rules on cost eligibility

All costs must follow the principles of sound financial management. The rules for eligibility, as all programme rules, apply to all types of partners, regardless of their legal status.

Three levels of rules apply to the eligibility of expenditure in the framework of the South Baltic Programme:

  • EU rules. Taking into account that the Programme is co-financed from the ERDF, all general rules concerning eligibility of expenditure regarding structural funds are applicable.
  • Programme rules. Additional rules on eligibility of expenditure for the Programme as a whole, as described in the Programme Manual.
  • National (including institutional) eligibility rules. Apply for matters not covered by eligibility rules laid down in the abovementioned EU and the Programme rules.


 Public procurement

In order to implement competition and public procurement principles referred above, contracts within the project have to be awarded pursuant to EU and national regulations on tendering and awarding contracts if the regulations are applicable in awarding the given contract.

The Programme has laid down specific conditions for Polish project partners regarding award of contracts - detailed rules are described in Annex 4 of the Programme Manual.

The European Commission guidance on public procurement.



For Polish beneficiaries: amendment of public procurement law

The amendment to the Polish Public Procurement Law was published on 13 July 2016 and came into force 14 days after the announcement - 28 July 2016 (with the exception of the provisions laid down in Art. 22 paragraphs 1-3 of this Act ). Therefore, from 28 July 2016 Polish beneficiaries are obliged to apply the amended provisions. For further information please visit below links : – text of the act. - additional information about changes in Polish Public Procurement Law and changed executive acts related with it.


For Polish beneficiaries: database for public contracts

The new version of the Competitiveness Base (BK2021) is planned to be launched in August 2020 (the announcement will be published on the app web page). On the same day, the old version of the application will be blocked and access to it will be possible only through the following url: It will be no longer possible to add new contract notice through the archived version of the site. 


An online database for public contracts to be awarded in accordance with the principle of competitiveness was launched on 7th December 2015. This tool is designed for Polish beneficiaries of EU funds, helping them to comply with the principle of competitiveness before awarding public contracts.

The obligation to use the database results from the Programme Manual (Annex 4 point 1.3 - Special terms of the execution of public contracts awarded in accordance with the principle of competitiveness).  The procuring entity should  publish requests for proposals on the database following the conclusion of the Subsidy Contract between the lead partner and the Managing Authority.  

The database is available at:

The website above includes also instructions on how to use the database, e.g. how to add or search for proposal requests. Questions regarding the operational functionalities of the database can be sent to

For Polish beneficiaries:  Guidelines for beneficiaries on public procurement rules in the EU funded projects (PL) (pdf) 1.56 MB