PRIORITY 2 - Sustainable South Baltic

Programme Measure 2.1 Supporting transition towards green energy

Exemplary actions (non-exhaustive list):
1.    Energy policies.
2.    Enhance usage of renewable energy and green fuels.
3.    Solutions in production and utilisation of energy from renewable sources.
4.    Common standards in renewable energy.
5.    Joint green policy strategies.
6.    Exchange and transfer knowledge and best practices.

Programme Measure 2.2 Promoting sustainable use of water

Exemplary actions (non-exhaustive list):
1.    Enhancement of aquaculture (reducing eutrophication and pollution of the waters).
2.    Water management policies.
3.    Green technology solutions in water management and nature-based flood water management.
4.    Solutions for reducing pollution and innovations in sustainable water management.
5.    Common standards in waste and water management.
6.    Capacity building, transfer of knowledge and exchange of best practices.

Programme Measure 2.3 Supporting a circular and more resource efficient development

Exemplary actions (non-exhaustive list):
1.    Cooperation in waste management policies.
2.    Cross-border awareness campaigns.
3.    Joint business models, product design, technologies, solutions in waste / water management and resource efficiency etc.
4.    Networks and thematic pilot projects. 
5.    Innovative solutions and waste management standards.
6.    Exchange and transfer knowledge and best practices.