PRIORITY 1 - Innovative South Baltic

Programme Measure 1.1 Digitalising the region

Exemplary actions (non-exhaustive list):
1.    Digitization solutions.
2.    Platforms for digital innovation hubs/ universities/ R&D institutions and SMEs.
3.    Digital processes and solutions.
4.    Digital competences and solutions for public sector.
5.    Exchange knowledge and best practices.

Programme Measure 1.2 Building connectivity of the region through internationalization

Exemplary actions (non-exhaustive list):
1.    Cooperation between SMEs (innovative solutions).
2.    Research projects between, e.g., SMEs, universities, public entities, and business support organizations.
3.    Joint products / solutions / services.
4.    Networks and clusters, and their expansion.
5.    Fairs, exhibitions, marketing, and joint branding campaigns.