The right to file a complaint against violation of the EU law and national law implementing EU law is common, universal and entitled to everyone.

If you suspect an irregularity, you can send information about it to: .

We will confirm receipt of the information, provide the reporting party with anonymity, investigate each report and notify the reporting party of the outcome of the investigation. Information should be submitted in English.

You can also report suspected irregularities to OLAF. You can find information on how to report cases to OLAF under the following link: Report fraud (

Files to download:

Below you can find a manual on combating fraud in the Programme and a catalogue of key warning signs. The publication is aimed for all interested parties, including beneficiaries:

 Combating financial fraud manual (pdf) 538.0 KB

 Annex to the manual warning signals (pdf) 172.0 KB


The additional publications on combating fraud are listed below:  

EC guidance on avoidance of conflicts of interest

EC guidance on Fraud Risk Assessment and Effective and Proportionate Anti-Fraud Measures

OECD Guidelines for Fighting Bid Rigging in Public Procurement

OLAF falsification of documents (document in Polish)

World Bank Fraud Detection

CBA guidelines for administration (document in Polish only for the Polish partners)

Guidelines of the CBA for entrepreneurs (document in Polish only for the Polish partners)

Recommendations of the CBA when awarding public contracts (document in Polish only for the Polish partners)