Interreg South Baltic Programme 2021-2027

Public consultations of the Interreg South Baltic Programme 2021-2027 have started

The Joint Programming Committee approved a draft of the Interreg South Baltic Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2021-2027, at the same time external contractor the Ekovert company prepared a draft report of the Programme Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).

Therefore, the process of public consultations of both documents has been started. Now, you can share your opinion and contribute to the future of the South Baltic Programme. Please use the opportunity and add your comments until 15th October 2021.

Here you can download the draft documents: 


and give your feedback by filling in two separate online questionnaires:


We also encourage you to take a direct and active part in the seminars organised by the Regional Contact Points of the South Baltic Programme. Relevant information will be announced on our website in the "Events" section as well as on the Programme's social media platforms FacebookLinkedin and directly by the Contact Points.  

The Joint Programming Committee of the Interreg South Baltic Programme accepted the Strategy for the future programme prepared by the PwC Advisory

The Joint Programming Committee of the Interreg South Baltic Programme accepted the Strategy for the future Programme 2021-2027 prepared by the PwC Advisory. The document is going to serve as an advice and tool for the next works on programming. If you are interested to check the proposal for the future of South Baltic area look into the Strategy  Click here (pdf) 2.77 MB.

The Strategy is the result of several workshops, broad consultations with the programme partners and hours of discussions, which were part of the preparation of the socio-economic analysis delivered by the PwC Advisory in October 2020.

State of programming of the Interreg South Baltic Programme 2021-2027

The Joint Programming Committee (JPC) was established and the 1st meeting took place on 4th February 2020, during the meeting, the JPC Rules of Procedure as well as Terms of Reference for the socio-economic analisys were adopted. In the following months the public procurement procedure was carried out and the best offer was selected. Contract with the PWC Advisory was signed on 18th June 2020.

During the second meeting of the JPC held on 22nd of June 2020, PWC Advisory presented methodological report and the first results of the study. The cooperation with the Contractor was divided into two stages:

  • In the first stage Contractor was obliged to conduct socio-economic analysis, SWOT/TOWS analysis and Problems and Objectives Tree (POT). The socio-economic analysis, SWOT and POT stage ended on 8 October 2020 and it was a starting point for further discussions and decisions on Programme Strategy, Priorities and Specific Objectives;
  • In the second stage on the basis of the conducted research, surveys and workshops with JPC, MA, JS, public stakeholders etc. (held in the Summer) as well as requirements and requests submitted during the 3rd JPC meeting (10th September 2020), Contractor prepared proposal of the Programme Strategy, Priority Axes and Specific Objectives, covering:

In the Programme Strategy

- characteristics of the eligible area; 

- most important common challenges;

- characteristics of the basic social, economic and territorial differences occurring in the CP area.

In the Programme Priorities and Specific Objectives

- justification of the choice;

- related types of actions and their expected contribution;

- indicative percentage breakdown of funds by category of intervention;

- first proposal of the output indicators and result indicators selected from the common list;

- main target groups.

First proposal of the Strategy and Programme Priorities was delivered on 20 October 2020 by the PWC Advisory. Working Group 1 was established by the JPC (20 October 2020) and started work jointly with the Contractor on Programme Strategy and Priorities. During the 4th JPC meeting organised on 3-4 November 2020 first draft of the Strategy was presented.

The next step was the establishment (19 November 2020) of the Working Group 2 for the implementation arrangements of the future Programme. Afterwards the second draft of the Strategy and Programme Priorities incorporating the results of the WG1 discussions was developed on 30 November 2020.

Currently, work is focused on joint elaboration of contribution to Programme Document according to the template for Interreg Programmes as stated in the draft of Interreg regulation:

  • Programme strategy: main development challenges and policy responses etc.;
  • Priorities, covering: specific objectives, types of actions, indicators, main target groups etc.; 
  • Financing plan (incl. ERDF and national co-financing);
  • Implementing provisions (Programme Authorities, liabilities of Member States );
  • Use of simplified costs options.

During the 5th JPC meeting planned for 12th January 2021, the final draft of the Strategy, Priorities and Specific Objectives should be adopted. In the next steps planned for I – II Quarter of 2021, the process of drafting of the Cooperation Programme document as well as Strategic Environmental Assessment will begin.


We encourage you to take part in the public consultations of these documents. Information will appear on the programme website in due course.