Interreg South Baltic Programme 2021-2027 Implementing documents

Programme Manual:

Approved by the Monitoring Committee on 6th February 2024

Files to download:

 Programme Manual v4.0. (pdf) 2.2 MB

 Programme Manual v4.0._accessible version (docx) 1.14 MB

 Annexes to the Programme Manual v4.0. (pdf) 1.29 MB

 Annexes to the Programme Manual v4.0._accessible version (docx) 173.0 KB

 Overview of changes in the Programme Manual v4.0. (pdf) 138.0 KB


Subsidy Contract: 

Files to download:

 Subsidy Contract template (pdf) 402.0 KB

 Subsidy Contract template_accessible version (docx) 83.0 KB

 Annex 5 template (pdf) 72.0 KB

 Annex 6 template (pdf) 110.0 KB


Partnership Agreement:

Files to download:

 Partnership Agreement_template (docx) 355.0 KB

 Appendix 5 to PA_template (docx) 21.0 KB

 Appendix 6 to PA_template (docx) 25.0 KB

 Partnership agreement_template_acessible version (docx) 65.0 KB

 Appendix 5 to PA_template_accessible version (docx) 21.0 KB

 Appendix 6 to PA_template_accessible version (docx) 25.0 KB


General principles on First Level Control:

Files to download:

 General principles on First Level Control  (pdf) 699.0 KB

 Annex 1 Checklist with criteria for the approbation of a FLC (docx) 105.0 KB
 Annex 2 Declaration of impartiality and confidentiality (docx) 102.0 KB
 Annex 3 Checklist for the administrative verification of a progress report (docx) 137.0 KB
 Annex 4 Checklist for on-the-spot check (docx) 121.0 KB
 Annex 5 Control Report (docx) 97.0 KB
 Annex 6 Methodology for selecting partner reports for full-scope administrative verification (project progress reports) (docx) 97.0 KB
 Annex 7 Methodology for selecting expenditures for verification (docx) 96.0 KB
 Annex 8 Methodology for selecting projects for on-the-spot control (docx) 95.0 KB
 Annex 9 Notification on irregular expenditures (xlsx) 53.0 KB
 Annex 10 Flow chart – risk analysis and administrative verification of progress report (docx) 244.0 KB
 Annex 11 An overview of the e-Controls application in CST2021 (docx) 1.47 MB