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11:00 - 13:00

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Project event


Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Copenhagen




Richelieus Allé 12

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DK-2900 Hellerup



Target group

Communes; municipalities; authorities; maritime sector

VEEC - Signing of the Letter of Intent

Hosted by

Gdynia Maritime University, Maritime Institute

Maritime Insitute from Gdynia Maritime University organizes an event within the INCONE60 project (https://www.incone60.eu/) called "Signing of the Letter of Intent - Vordingborg Elbląg Economic Cooperation"

The VEEC – Vordingborg Elbląg Economic Cooperation initiative is established within the INCOnet Business Network (https://www.incone60.eu/inconet-1).

This cooperation will be concentrated mainly on the activities connected with seaports in Vordingborg and Elbląg. This initiative will impact the ports' development and, most of all, the development of the local and regional economies. We aim at achieving regional benefits, which will result directly in the development of the ports' structures.

This cooperation is in line with the Three Seas Initiative (https://3seas.eu/). The main aim of the overall initiative is to boost economic growth and well-being in the region. More activity in trade and the provision of services within the area and with neighbouring countries creates such opportunities. Furthermore, it makes Europe, as a whole, more competitive in global terms. Besides, this initiative is oriented toward lowering carbon emissions and achieving carbon neutrality. Establishing the close VEEC will affect cargo shifting from land to sea. Therefore, it will decrease the negative impact of transport on the environment.

This cooperation aims to:

  • strengthen the economic relations between Denmark and Poland,

  • increase the amount of cargo transported by the sea between small ports,

  • support the development of companies located surrounding these ports,

  • increase the competitiveness and attractiveness of the Vordingborg and Elbląg regions,

  • impact positively on the local and regional market,

  • increase the number of workplaces and positively affect the labour market.

The cooperation between Vordingborg and Elbląg will be established by signing the Letter of Intent by the President of Elbląg - Witold Wróblewski, the Director of the Ebląg Sea Port - Arkadiusz Zgliński, the Mayor of the Vordingborg Commune - Mikael Smed and the President of the Vordingborg Sea Port Board - Daniel Irvold. The Letter of Intent will be signed at the headquarters of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Copenhagen on May 9, 2022, the day before the start of the final pilot trip. The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Copenhagen plays an essential role in this endeavour. For two years, representatives of this institution have shown interest in the project's activities and actively support its development. Furthermore, knowledge of topics related to Short Sea Shipping and seaports is an added value for the Embassy.

After signing the Letter of Intent, the content of the economic agreement will be drawn up. This document will contain precise information on the assumptions of cooperation and the expected results. The signing of the economic agreement is planned for September 2022, during the days of Elbląg, as part of the SmartNet project.