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28.02.2022 10:30 02.03.2022

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Ulfsunda Slott; Margretelundsvägen 125

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Partners; stakeholders and energy companies

Stakeholders workshop

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SweHeat & Cooling

 Towards lower temperatures (4GDH), higher efficiency, lower tolerances of defects in operation, enabling capture of more surplus heat – transforming DH to fossil fuel free supply. By lower operating and capital expenditures, DH will become more competitive and sustain expansion into areas with low energy buildings. There are many old DH systems that need refurbishment and conversion of fuel supply. The systems must transform, convert and expand simultaneously. The EU-project BSAM – Baltic Smart Asset Management is addressing this multiple challenge.  Many expert companies from Sweden as Crossbreed, Noda, Cetetherm, Alfa Laval, Arne Jensen, PG Monitoring, Termisk Systemteknik, Radscan, FVB, PipeLineRelining, Swep, Againity, Z&I, Mittel, Energy-Opticon will meet the international visitor group to learn, discuss and contribute.  In this hybrid workshop, the stakholders will discuss experience from Poland, Lithuania, ex Soviet systems and Sweden. 28 February and 1 March the event will be held in Stockholm and 2 March the virtual workshop will be held via Zoom, event website.