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17.01.2022 13:30 20.01.2022 17:00

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Påboda 118

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Partners; stakeholders and energy companies

Sustainable Heating and Cooling

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The Sweden Innovation Days

There are three main types of program points, the Mainstage, Sessions and Side Events. 

The Mainstage is a 3.5 hour extravaganza of keynote speakers, panel discussions, case studies,
and interviews every day. Each day has a key theme; Day 1 focuses on Missions to achieve
the Global Goals, Day 2 on Preventative health and well-being, Day 3 on Co-creation for innovation
and Day 4 on Climate neutral cities.  

The Sessions dive deeper into some of the important topics brought up on the Mainstage.
These move beyond inspiration and work to provide you with concrete examples and steps
to innovate how we innovate. 

The Side Events are organised by members of our fantastic innovation ecosystem as they host a huge
variety of seminars, workshops, and provide various networking and funding opportunities. One of the side events - digital meeting "Transform and Preserve Heating and Cooling" will be held on January, 20, 2022 concerning to the BSAM project.

Attached is an invitation for a BSAM digital meeting.