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e.g. biogas plant operators; municipalities; local authorities; cleaning companies; farmers and waste management companies

COASTAL Biogas - Final conference

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The COASTAL Biogas project is funded by the Interreg Southern Baltic Sea Programme and has been working on the use of cast seaweed for biogas production since July 2018. The focus here is primarily on reducing the nutrient oversupply in the Baltic Sea (eutrophication). The fermentation residues produced in the biogas plant can be used as organic fertiliser for agricultural land, thus closing nutrient cycles.

The final conference of COASTAL Biogas will take place on 9 December 2021. It will present the potential for using seaweed in the Baltic Sea region, methods for collecting and pretreating the substrate, as well as the effects on biogas yield, economics and environmental aspects of seaweed use. Practical challenges of using washed-up biomass will be explained using the example of the Danish biogas plant Solrød.

The conference and the virtual study tour are free of charge and limited to 100 participants. To register please send your name and affiliation to jorgen.held@beic.nu. For information on the agenda, please visit the event website: https://www.coastal-biogas.eu/events-conference-final/