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ELMAR: Online Seminar "Norway revisited: Next gen electric ferries & pax ships"

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The last event in our series of ELMAR online seminars will focus on car ferries & pax vessels and present the state of affairs in Norway, the world´s leading country for electric water mobility. By 2021, more than 80 electric car & pax ferries are operating in Norwegian waters - and the further roll-out of emission-free waterborne transportation is proceeding with an impressive pace. The seminar will start with update on government policies & actions to foster the “green shift” of the domestic ferry market, Afterwards, we will acquaint you with innovative ship designs and operating experiences with electric vessels of different kinds, incl. next gen battery-electric domestic car ferries, the world´s largest plug-in hybrid RoPax ship, a battery-driven high-speed pax vessel and a sea-going hydrogen-electric car & pax ferry. Please find further information in the agenda attached.


We kindly ask you to register to the seminar by sending an e-mail to mail@ga-ma.de until 15 June 2021 at the latest. Being registered, you will get from us detailed information on the check-in to the “digital venue”.

Participation in the seminar is free of charge.


We look forward to welcoming you (again) at the seminar – and please feel free to share this invitation with any further parties that may be interested to join!


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.