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15 June 2020 10 July 2020

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Project event






Stora Uppåkravägen 101

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Tourists; family with children; SBSR inhabitants

Uppåkra Excavations

Hosted by

Lund University

Uppåkra Excavations

In 1934, Bror MagnusVifot was called to Uppåkra. Remarkable clay floors with hearths, pottery sherds and metal objects were found at the building site of a pigsty. He quickly became aware that it was an Iron Age settlement he saw. We now know that people lived here between 100 BC and 1000 AD, giving us 1100 years of human lives, changing world views, political will and weaving of networks

Lund University and ArchaeoBalt partners would like to invite everyone to take part in „Uppåkra Excavations”. It is a monthly cycle of cultural events aimed at popularizing the heritage of the South Baltic Region and archaeotourism.

Since June 10th till July 5th there will be organized archaeological researches, guided tours through the excavation site together with an archaeologist, workshops, and meetings with experts.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic during the tours and excavations, special sanitary restrictions apply.