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Bażyńskiego 6

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entities engaged in the MSP process


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University of Gdańsk

The first edition of a SEAPLANSPACE training ended with an international workshop. The training started in November 2019. The second edition starts in March 2020.

The 80 hours training is divided into five modules. The first two modules are general in nature - during this part issues like terminology, objectives, instruments, role and functions of MSP are discussed (8 hours) and the detailed part is devoted to four interrelated aspects of MSP: ecological, social, economic and legal (16 hours). The third module is practical and based on case-studies. The activities in this module are as follows: shipping and sea ports; fisheries and aquaculture; protection of sea coasts; marine protected areas; underwater cultural heritage; tourism, sport and recreation; state defense and security; wind energy and infrastructure; marine mining (24 hours). During the fourth module the process of MSP is presented (including development, monitoring, public participation and cross-border cooperation - 12 hours). The aim of the last module is to discuss the MSP issues with experts from the foreign institutions (20 hours).