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Date & Time (local)

10 March 2020

08:30 - 17:00

Event type

Project event


University of Rostock, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences




7 Hörsaal HSL; Justus-von-Liebig-Weg 8; 18059

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Target group

Persons interested in the development of the Bioeconomy in the Baltic Area

BioBIGG Conference in Rostock

Hosted by

Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR)

At the conference, the Interreg projects BioBIGG will look into the bioeconomy potential in the Baltic Sea region and provide the opportunity to build and strengthen networks. On the opening day, key results of the BioBIGG project will be presented.  Additionally, participants will gain an insight into pre-feasibility studies for innovative value chains and current efforts regarding the establishment of the South Baltic Bioeconomy Network. The Event is part of the bioeconomy days in Rostock.

For more information about the BIoBIGG project please visit our homepage: https://biobigg.ruc.dk