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22.07.2019 10:00 25.07.2019 16:00

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Project event


Vistulamouth Fortress (Wisłoujście Fortress)




Stara Twierdza 1

City / Town




Target group

Individual and group tourists; inhabitants of South Baltic Region; families with children; NGOs

Open Archaeo-Days Wisłoujście 2019

Hosted by

Museum of Gdańsk/ University of Gdansk

ArchaeoBalt - Open Archaeo-Days Wisłoujście 2019


Have you wished to discover long forgotten secrets of history? Don’t miss Wisłoujście Archaeo-Days at Vistulamouth Fortress.


For almost 400 years the Vistulamouth Fortress guarded the entrance to Vistula river and controlled the ship movement on the Europaean naval trade routes on the Baltic Sea, which led to & from Gdańsk and Poland. The once important rampart is nowadays located on the outskirts of the merchant city, away from major modern touristic routes. The Fortress has yet many mysteries to be solved and explored.


The soil guards the mysteries of soldiers and inhabitants of the territory – remnants of old houses, buildings, arms and items of daily use connected with inhabitants of the Baltic Sea. These mysteries will be explained to tourists by professional, international group of archaeologists. Our staff will tell about their work, show what items are being found at the site and tell what can be found underneath the soil… We still await the remnants of on old church to show up! 


The Open Archaeo-Days will be held from 22nd till 25th of July at Vistulamouth Fortress in Gdańsk, Poland (Stara Twierdza 1 St.) from 10 AM till 4 PM. Free of charge.


Tourists can reach the Fortress from the Old Town in Gdańsk via water bus F5 & busses 106, 138 or 606 (information about transport: www.ztm.gda.pl), by bike or by car.