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Date & Time (local)

11 June 2019

9:00 - 9:00

Event type

Project event


Polskie niebo, Augustyńskiego 1, Gdańsk, Poland




Polskie niebo; Augustyńskiego 1; Gdańsk; Poland

City / Town




Target group

NGOs; municipalities representatives; project managers; local activists etc.

UMBRELLA project mid-term conference and Participattion Day 2019

Hosted by

UMBRELLA project & EUSBSR HA Capacity

The successful collaboration between organisations and people in the Baltic Sea Region requires broadest possible mobilization and participation of stakeholders in all respective countries. The event is organized for the 3rd time by the HA Capacity, but this year for the 1st time with our UMBRELLA project as co-organizer.

The Participation Day offers an opportunity for local and regional stakeholders to get involved in the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. It is, as usual, arranged in connection to the Annual Forum.

The Participation Day is an important opportunity for new stakeholders to get in touch with the cooperation within the EU and to meet colleagues who already have experience of EU cooperation in the Baltic Sea region. Participation Day is a kind of marketplace where stakeholders can present their ideas, get feedback and guidance from the policy community enabling new stakeholders to participate in the implementation of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. Our aim is to reduce the step into the Strategy, making our guiding principle with multi-level governance and cross-sectoral cooperation a reality. We invite representatives of EUSBSR stakeholders, such as local and regional authorities, civil society organisations, academia, business and media, to the Participation Day in Gdansk.

As UMBRELLA is all about boosting the capacities of local actors who wish to engage in the cross-border cooperation, we plan not only the networking but also inspirational content from the South Baltic and  #BSR projects, as well as proffessional help from the experts.