In order to prepare project proposals for the 6th call, please mind the possibility to consult the Joint Secretariat with your project idea.The next round of individual consultation meetings is scheduled for September/ October 2018. 

Please find the scheduled dates below.

       Consultations: 20 September 2018 (Klaipeda) Lithuania.

                                   Registration closes:  10 September 2018.

       Consultations: 25 September 2018 (Gdansk) Poland.

                                   Registration closes: 15 September 2018.

       Consultations: 27 September 2018 (Malmö) Sweden.

                                   Registration closes: 17 September 2018. 

       Consultations: 28 September  2018 (Bornholm) Denmark.

                                   Registration closes: 18 September 2018. 

       Consultations: 11 October 2018 (Löcknitz) Germany.

                                   Registration closes: 1 October 2018. 

       Consultations: 12 October 2018 (Gdansk) Poland.

                                   Registration closes: 2 October 2018.

       Consultations: 23 October 2018 (Gdansk) Poland.

                                   Registration closes: 13 October 2018.


The Joint Secretariat stays flexible to your needs. If you cannot participate in any of the scheduled dates, please suggest a date for an individual consultation meeting in the registration form. In this case, the consultation meeting would take place in the Joint Secretariat in Gdańsk or online.

Interested idea owners have the opportunity to register for a meeting with the Joint Secretariat. Idea owners are asked to fill in the  'Project idea' (docx) 823.0 KB form and attach it to the registration form.                                  

Please register using the registration form.