Calls for proposals

Regular calls

The 3rd call for proposals of the Interreg South Baltic Programme 2014-2020 is closed. The call was open between 2nd November and 16th December 2016 for all specific objectives. Statistics from the call are available here.

The next call for proposals will be open between 22 May and 30 June 2017. The decision on project selection is most likely to be taken in October-November 2017.

Below, you can find archived application documentation of the 3rd call. NB: the below documents cannot be used to apply within the next call for proposals.

Archived application pack of the 3rd call: Download here (zip) 6.0 MB.


Seed money calls

11 proposals were submitted within the 2nd call for seed money.  The call was open between 10th and 30th January 2017 for specific objectives 3.1 (Improve the quality and environmental sustainability of transport services in the South Baltic area) and 4.1 (Increase the share of skilled labour force working in blue and green economy sectors of the South Baltic area through joint cross-border actions).

5 ideas for sustainable transport and 6 for skills development seek financial support from the ERDF amounting to 356,000 EUR in total. Germany leads the way with a turnout of 4 proposals coordinated by German partners, followed by Poland with 3, Sweden and Lithuania each with 2.

The decision for funding of the Monitoring Committee is expected in mid March 2017. The implementation period for approved seed money projects will be March - June 2017 and for those aiming at the 5th call – August-November 2017.

The seed money facility of the South Baltic programme seeks to leverage project generation and partnerships. Stay tuned for future seed money calls.