The 3rd call for proposals of the Interreg South Baltic Programme 2021-2027 is open between 25 April – 26 June 2024 (till 16:00 CEST).

Project applications must be submitted via online Application system WOD2021 to a selected call for proposals before the set deadline.

WOD2021 Application system is available at All applicants and logged-in users should work only on English version of the WOD2021 system to avoid any potential errors. To search for the Interreg South Baltic 2021-2027 call announcements use the search tab and type STHB - call announcements for the relevant Measure will appear.

The Monitoring Committee’s decision on the approval of projects submitted under the 3rd call for proposals is expected on 28 November 2024.

The Interreg South Baltic Programme 2021-2027 Programme document is available here.

Application package:

  1.  Announcement of the 3rd call for proposals (pdf) 502.0 KB;
  2. Programme Manual and Annexes to the Programme Manual;
  3.  Guidelines on filling in and submitting the Application Form (pdf) 620.0 KB;
  4.  Supplementary Application Form (SAF) in MS Excel file (xlsx) 649.0 KB;
  5.  Project Partner Declarations (PPDs) (xlsx) 33.0 KB;
  6.  Letters of Commitment (LoCs) (xlsx) 39.0 KB;
  7.  Letters of Dedication and Support from EUSBSR policy area coordinator (xlsx) 70.0 KB;
  8.  Declaration of compliance with the DNSH principle (docx) 4.74 MB;
  9.  Statements on non-discrimination (docx) 4.49 MB;
  10.  Interreg South Baltic Programme_complaint form (docx) 3.67 MB;

You can also download the whole application package in zip file.


Accessible versions of the documents:

 Announcement of the 3rd call for proposals (docx) 1.05 MB;

Programme Manual and its Annexes

If accessible versions of any other documents are needed, please contact the JS staff.