Video contest – Winners announced!

The event held in Klaipeda on the 28th of September has not only been an opportunity to celebrate European Cooperation Day 2018, but also to award the winners of the South Baltic Programme video contest.

We asked the youth from the South Baltic region to send us videos about innovative solutions, opportunities and ideas of relevance for our topics such as sustainable tourism, green technologies, and sustainable transport.

For the first prize, the South Baltic Programme jury selected a work on sustainable tourism prepared by Vega Stumbraitė from Lithuania. With this video Vega and her friends wanted to raise awareness about the impact tourism can have on the environment. In particular they highlighted how sustainable tourism means often sustainable travelling: “from the mean on transport we choose, to the way we behave during our vacation and the use we make of single-use plastic, there are many small and easy changes that we can do to enjoy the nature without destroying it”.

The second, third and fourth prizes were awarded to videos addressing the urge to act against pollution and climate change, the future of culture and education, and innovative ways of experiencing river tourism in cities in a sustainable and relaxing way.

It was nice to see how the future generations of our region are interested in such topics and feel the need to commit to make a visible change.

We wish all our participants to succeed in changing the South Baltic region in a greener and more sustainable way!