Video contest : innovations in the South Baltic region

The South Baltic Programme invites the South Baltic Region’s 16-20 years old high school senior and university students (individuals or groups) to participate in a video contest producing a short film (up to 3 minutes) on these topics:

  •  Sustainable Tourism
  •  Green Technologies
  •  Sustainable Transport



The aim of the contest is to promote South Baltic Programme’s projects, innovative solutions, opportunities for improvement linked with these themes, and helping to tackle potential issues, obstacles, lacks. These topics are objectives pursued by the Programme, under which project aiming at developing the South Baltic Area are co-funded thanks to European Regional Development Funds (ERDF).



  •  Film videos on these topics: sustainable tourism, green technologies, sustainable transport
  •  Videos up to 3 minutes
  •  Participants are allowed to use any tool to produce movies (professional cameras or smartphones, any photo editing application)
  •  Individuals and groups might participate. If a group becomes the winner, it will receive only 1 prize
  •  All uploaded photos and videos must be the property of the participant/s
  •  Contest participants must be 16-20 years old
  •  For all participants under the age of 18 an agreement on their participation and a signature on all required documents including entry forms and releases must be provided by parents or legal guardians
  •  If the winner becomes a participant under the age of 18 years old, a parent/ carer will have to join their child for the award ceremony in Klaipeda
  •  Videos will be judged on their aesthetic quality, creativity and relevance to South Baltic topic
  •  All winners will be notified by e-mail and details of the winners will be announced on website:
  •  Prizes are not transferable, nor can they be exchanged for either any items nor cash
  •  By uploading a video, the contest participant agrees that the South Baltic Programme will administrate the received data (name, surname, age, city, e-mail address of participant, etc. and videos)


Prizes for 5 winners

1st prize: Photo camera - Canon EOS 80D + lenses

2nd prize: iPad - 9.7-inch Retina display, iOS 11

3rd - 5th prize: bluetooth wristbands monitoring daily activity + laptop backpacks

*Technical specification of prizes might slightly change


Selection Process

Please send us an e-mail with a link (e.g. WeTransfer) of your videos and contact details (name, surname. age, e-mail, telephone, country) to: by the 14th of May , 2018 (23:59).

The winners will be selected by the South Baltic Programme jury and contacted 6-8 days before the event.

The audience of the Annual Event might select 2 winners of the 4th - 5th place.

If you have any questions regarding the contest, please contact the Interreg South Baltic Programme Communication Officer: or + 48 58 746 38 55.


Screening and awards

Award ceremony and the screening of videos will be held at the occasion of the South Baltic Programme Annual Event, in Klaipeda Culture Factory, on the evening of May 23rd.

All successful contestants will be invited to join us for a social and cultural event, gathering publis institutions, academics of the South Baltic area.

If the winners of the 1st-3rd places of the contest live outside Lithuania, the cost of transportation to the event will be covered.

If the South Baltic Programme receives very few or low quality videos, the contest will be extended or postponed until autumn.


Conditions of using videos by the Programme

Organizer of the contest retains the rights to use the uploaded videos for future purposes. By entering the contest, participants hereby give permission to the organizer to use the videos. Organizer of the competition respects the participants’ copyrights and does not claim ownership of any video entered. Should a video be sought for publishing DVD, full written permission will first be sought from the copyright holder.

The Interreg South Baltic Programme will use submitted videos on Programme’s social media accounts or website.

The submitted videos might be modified by the South Baltic Programme, i.e. received videos merged into the final video.

Please download  rules in PDF format. (pdf) 627.0 KB