The Monitoring Committee approves 12 new cooperation projects

As the result of the 2nd call for proposals, 12 projects have been selected for funding by the Monitoring Committee (MC) of the Interreg South Baltic Programme 2014-2020. On 11th and 12th October 2016 in Växjö, the delegates approved the following projects:

  • BSTC: Baltic Sea Tourism Center – Sustainable development structures for ACTIVE TOURISM
  • JOHANN: Joint development of Small Cruise Ship tourism heritage products in the Southern Baltic Sea Region
  • Baltic Museums Love IT: BalticMuseums: Love IT! - New brand of gamified tourist products for sustainable development of natural and cultural heritage tourist destinations
  • South Coast Baltic: Establishing durable cross-border boating destination management on the basis of the MARRIAGE cooperation network
  • MORHEUS: Model Areas for Removal of Pharmaceutical Substances in the South Baltic
  • CIRTOINNO: Circular economy tools to support innovation in green and blue tourism SMEs
  • Baltic Pass: Baltic Pass - Maritime Heritage Tours
  • Biking South Baltic: Biking South Baltic! Promotion and development of the Baltic Sea Cycle Route (Route No. 10) in Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden
  • UBIS: Urban Baltic Industrial Symbiosis
  • FOCUS: Facilitating blue growth with open courses by utilizing R&D products and virtual mobility
  • SBPIN: South Baltic Public Innovators Network
  • Trans-Opera: Trans-Opera – Increasing local culture and social operators trans-border capacity with opera

The resources from the European Regional Development Fund to be allocated to these projects amount to approximately 13,6 m EUR (17,5% of the Programme financial capacity). The projects approved cover the Programme priorities 1, 2, 4 and 5. An official communication to the applicants will follow shortly.

 Download the decision minutes (pdf) 518.0 KB
 Download a factsheet of the approved projects (pdf) 368.0 KB