Swedish Project Meeting with the participation of regional and national Contact Points - New date!

Clustering event in Kronoberg for projects across priorities and programmes


On 23 January 2019 the Contact Point of the region Kronoberg in Sweden is organizing and hosting the “Swedish Project Meeting” in Kronoberg.


The goal of the Swedish Project Meeting will be to strengthen ongoing projects, give them the opportunity to meet across priorities and programme “borders” and inspire them to new cooperation  in new constellations – and of course, an important thing is also to make the different EU funds visible to the projects.


This project day will be held in Swedish and the communication will be in Swedish as well. Regional and national Contact Points as well as different ERDF funding programmes are participating in the event.


For more information please contact Agata Uhlhorn, Contact Point for the region Kronoberg:


Agata Uhlhorn 
phone: +46 470 583070 
e-mail: agata.uhlhorn@kronoberg.se