Success of the 1st virtual networking meeting

Over 60 people have joined yesterday’s networking meeting dedicated to capitalisation of projects’ results. The meeting turned to be a great success not only because of attendance, but also - what is most important in such meetings - thanks to the openness of participants and their wiliness to talk.

Among participants were not only familiar faces known from the South Baltic projects and related organisations but also representatives of other EU programmes, such as Interreg Central Baltic, Poland-Russia CBC Programme, Poland-Belarus-Ukraine CBC Programme, and Interreg IPA-CBC Bulgaria-Serbia Programme. The same common values and goals together with the variety of participants’ backgrounds created a unique value for all. 

The meeting was structured into 2 parts interspersed with short quizzes. The first part started with a presentation delivered by Marta Niciejewska, the Projects’ Team Coordinator in the Joint Secretariat, who presented the state of play of the Programme’s preparation for the new perspective 2021-2027. The second presentation was delivered by Katarzyna Sempołowicz-Lipska, who is responsible for communication and capitalisation activities within the Programme and conducted the entire meeting. Her presentation focused on the concept of capitalisation in practice. What is capitalisation? Why is capitalisation important? How can we communicate projects' results? – answers to these questions were provided in the presentation and were the basis for further discussions.

In the second part of the meeting participants were moved to thematic breakout rooms, according to the choice they have made during the registration process:

1. Meet, greet and cooperate with us – why networking platforms are important for long-lasting connections and cooperation?

 2. Reaching for more – stepping out of programme’s areas and what is there for us?

 3. Take it to a higher level – how cooperation between projects can maximise their results?

 4. Capitalisation – not sure what it is but I would like to explore it.

In each room, participants were welcomed by a project officer from the Joint Secretariat and lively discussions have started. The participants’ openness for sharing their experience made organisers extend the time dedicated to the breakout rooms and 45 minutes was still not enough!

The conclusions of the discussions were noted by relevant project officers and are available here for further reference.

The idea of capitalisation was concluded by Katarzyna Sempołowicz-Lipska: “approaching the new programming perspective, projects need to be aware and to understand what capitalisation of projects results are and how to embed capitalisation activities into projects activities. It is not only about transferring projects results to new projects in the new perspective but about re-using them".

Soon after the meeting has finished, the Joint Secretariat started receiving positive feedback from the participants. It proves how precious networking is and how it is needed. It also showed that working in a remote mode for over a year now made people feel confident behind a computer screen. They became open to online communication and are ready for more.

After the success of the very first networking meeting, the Joint Secretariat is planning the second networking meeting in September 2021.


Materials used during the networking meeting can be downloaded.

State of play of the Interreg South Baltic Programme 2021-2027 

Capitalisation of projects' results 

Capitalisation video

mentimeter word cloud - what are you taking with you from this meeting


result of quiz 100% partcipants want to have another such meeting

screenshot of participants