South Baltic Creative Clusters – Initiating a network of interacting creative clusters in the SB Region

Project description

Over the past decade, the creative industry sectors in metropolis areas have established internal as well as interdisciplinary cooperation structures and, out of this, a strong self-confidence as an important pillar of the local economies. In towns, medium-sized cities and rural areas of the South Baltic (SB) region, initiatives have been started with the intention to catch-up with this development, and some of them achieved considerable success. However, to make further progress, they need regular exchange with other initiatives as well as impulses from the outside, which need to be arranged via a coordinated initial phase that prepares the ground for lasting cooperation and exchange, and a higher supraregional and even international visibility of the creative industries in the SB region.
    This is where the idea for the Creative Clusters arose, and the project’s main aim is to establish a cross-border cooperation between the creative industries protagonists and local networks of 4 different locations within the SB region. By doing so, a SB-wide creative industries network that involves protagonists from several SB countries in international exchange and cooperations and promotes the network in the SB region and beyond, aiming at increased visibility and support will be created. The project targets an involvement of even more places in the future to further expand the cooperation so that an SB-wide network can develop step-by-step. In the project itself, the development of instruments for an ongoing resp. regular exchange will be developed and established, combining a digital (joint communication platform) and a real-life-approach (annual forums) with each other.
    Moreover, a joint promotion of the SB region's creative industry sector will be arranged in the project, towards further strengthening the sector's position towards other industry sectors and presenting the work in the sector as internationally relevant and attractive. All of which will increase the economic potential of the sector by enhancing its involvement in the international networks and markets.

Project total eligible budget
264,145.00 EUR
217,833.25 EUR
Project start date
01 Jul 2019
Project end date
30 Jun 2021
Lead partner
Name: Media Dizajn
Address: Bandurskiego 96/23, Szczecin, 71-685
Region/Subregion: Zachodniopomorskie
Country: Poland
Project partner
Name: Hanseatic City of Rostock, Department for Urban Development, Urban Planning and Economy
Address: Neuer Markt 1, Rostock, 18055
Region/Subregion: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Country: Germany
Name: Public Institution Rietavas Tourism and Business Information Centre
Address: Parko str. 5, Rietavas, LT-90311
Region/Subregion: Telsiu apskritis
Country: Lithuania

Name: Association Rietavas Women Employment Centre / RMUC 
Address: Parko str. 5, Rietavas, LT-90311
Region/Subregion: Telsiu apskritis
Country: Lithuania

Name: Association of Polish Communes of Euroregion Baltic – ERB
Address: Stary Rynek 25, Elbląg, 82-300    
Region/Subregion: Warmińsko-Mazurskie
Country: Poland

Name: Kreativum Science Center
Address: Strömmavägen 28, Karlshamn, 37432
Region/Subregion: Sydsverige
Country: Sweden


Category of intervention

120 Capacity building for all stakeholders delivering education, lifelong learning, training and employment and social policies, including through sectoral and territorial pacts to mobilise for reform at the national, regional and local levels