South Baltic at the College of Europe

In a series of articles, our IVY volunteer Jasmin Kanditt blogs about South Baltic projects, most recently about our encounter with the former DG Regio director Dirk Ahner at the College of Europe. Sotuh Baltic became an example of how cooperation projects leverage Cohesion Policy investments.

Curious? Access to Jasmin's blog

What is the IVY?

The IVY (Interreg Volunteer Youth) offers the possibility to young Europeans aged 18-30 to serve as volunteers in cross-border, transnational or interregional programmes and related projects. The initiative is aimed at involving young European volunteers to support, promote and report the concrete achievements of programmes and projects, as well as generally promote cooperation and solidarity across borders. The IVY gives volunteers the opportunity to familiarise with the Interreg programmes and projects, make them aware of the many benefits of collaboration among EU internal borders as well as enhance their sense of European solidarity, citizenship and civic engagement. 

The South Baltic Programme is the second to host an IVY enthusiast.