SL2014 update scheduled for 25th January 2019

On 25th January 2019, there will be an update of SL2014 conducted. It might cause temporary problems with the data system. This fact should be considered when planning works, especially taking into account the upcoming deadline for submitting joint reports to Joint Secretariat (28th January for project approved in 2nd or 4th call).

As a result of optimisation works, the system will run faster and more stable.


What will be changed?

  1. Saving the same data in the system will be blocked. For example, when preparing the payment claim and saving the draft without any changes the system will show a pop-up with informationthe payment claim is already saved and does not require re-saving’.
  2. For Polish SL2014 users: the log in icon has been changed from e-PUAP to an icon of ‘profil zaufany’ (‘trusted profile’).


Please follow the Interreg South Baltic website, as we will publish the new version of Beneficiary Manual shortly after the system’s update.


Should you have any questions or doubts regarding the changes, check our SL2014 FAQ, get in touch with your Project Officer or for SL2014 technical issues - contact