SL2014: New functionality introduced: Documentation

The electronic system SL2014 dedicated for project monitoring has been recently updated. As a result, a new functionality allowing for a comprehensive organisation of work with the attachments in the system was introduced.


The additional section ‘ Documentation (pdf) 290.0 KB’ is the functionality of the system available in all projects under implementation. Working as the type of a ‘library’ of all attachments for a given project, it helps to store all files and documents related to project implementation in one place (including applications for payment, public orders, letters and messages, etc.).


Together with the new module ‘Documentation’, the functionality of ‘Correspondence’ also has changed - a new mandatory field ‘Correspondence Category’ has been added. This will help to categorize incoming and sent messages.


The updated version of the SL2014 Beneficiary Manual will be published in coming days.  Please see the brief brochure on the new functionality (pdf) 290.0 KB and follow the section Implementing projects / e-reporting for all the details.