Seed Money Projects 3rd Call Insight - Dark tourism

Today, in our weekly column Seed Money Insight we will present a project related to sustainable tourism in the South Baltic region, the Dark Tourism project!

What is the scope of the project?

The overall project objective is to find innovative solutions in dark tourism, a form of tourism connected to places historically associated with tragedies, to tackle the seasonality of tourism in the South Baltic area. During the implementation of the seed money project, the project plans to create an interactive map with dark tourism sites, objects, museums, and other places across the region.
Even more innovative in this approach to dark tourism is the idea to renovate the sites using new technologies, such as virtual realities, that could allow more people, including people with disabilities, would be able to visit and enjoy those sites.

Who are the project partners?

The project is led by Žemaitija National Park Directorate from Lithuania together with Marinmuseum/Swedish Naval Museum from Karlskrona, Sweden, but aims at enlarging the network to the other South Baltic countries in the future.

More info about the project:


Dark Tourism project forest and young people