SB Transport Loops project contributes to new fast ferry route between Germany and Sweden

During the crisis caused by the Coronavirus outbreak, a shipping line stopped serving the historical ferry route between Trelleborg, Sweden and the Mukran Port on the Island of Rügen, Germany. 
With a contribution of the SB Transport Loops project and goodwill of stakeholders of the Mukran Port, which is the lead partner of the project, it was possible to find a new operator in a very short time. 
Starting in September 2020, the new service will be offered between the Port of Ystad, Sweden (the Associated Partner in the SB Transport Loops project) and the Mukran Port. 
Under the brand name "FRS Königslinjen" (German for “King’s Line”), the fastest ferry line (only 2 hours 30 minutes) will start regular services using a high-speed catamaran with two passenger decks for about 700 passengers and a car deck for up to 210 cars and campers.
It will also offer higher frequencies, up to two per day in each direction in peak times. Reduced by half the time of travel opens new possibilities for tourists, such as one-day or weekend trips.

More information can be found here.

fast ferry on the sea