The project SB Nudging - Nudging in the South Baltic Region investigates which conditions are needed to make tourism in nature destinations more attractive and sustainable, aiming to deliver positive environmental outcomes with consideration to the needs of the visitor, industry, community and environment. There is a need for a seed money project to create a partnership between different stakeholders in the South Baltic region within the field of sustainable tourism destination development and the tool “nudging” to minimize littering and waste. Nudging is a tool for changing people's behaviors by making it easier to make certain choices.

EU Office Skåne Northeast has earlier implemented a project called “SB PIN” in the South Baltic programme together with some of the project partners in this project.

Project total eligible budget
€ 40,550.00
€ 32,550.00
Project start date
01 Apr 2022
Project end date
31 Jul 2022
Lead partner
Name: Municipality of Hässleholm EU-office Skåne Northeast 
Address: Nytorget str. 1, Hässleholms kommun, 28180, Skåne län SE224
Region/Subregion: Sydsverige, Södra Sverige
Country: Sweden
Project partner
Name: Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Baltic
Country: Poland
Name: City od Gdynia - Gdynia Sports Centre
Country: Poland

Name: Public Institution Rietavas Tourism and Business Information Centre
Country: Lithuania

Name: EUCC - The Coastal Union Germany
Country: Germany