Registration for the South Baltic annual conference is now open

The South Baltic annual event 2016 will take place in Rostock, Germany on 15th and 16th November 2016. This year’s edition revolves around two key words: results and partnerships.

Why attending?

The conference offers a unique opportunity for team building, new partnerships and project idea pitching.

Team building on 15th November...

The South Baltic scavenger hunt is a team building game inviting recently established partnerships, people in quest for partners as well as Programme representatives.  Assembled in teams, the participants will explore South Baltic results in Rostock by solving riddles provided as a mission to every team at the beginning of the game. All riddles revolve around projects and their results, and solving them would require to delve into the essence of the projects. Having collected all answers, the teams will return to the point of departure, where the game will continue in a joint effort.  In a crossword puzzle, the teams have to provide the previously identified answers to jointly solve the ultimate riddle hidden among the words. The first team to recognize the gradually appearing answer will be the winning one. Note: some of the missions may be covered by TV.  

Idea pitching and partner search on 16th November...

Following the team building exercise, the second day will immerse the guests in project ideas and partnership discussions.  In a pitching session, existing ideas will be introduced with the goal to entice partners interested in joining a South Baltic project. 

Intervention logic explained for your field of interest...

The afternoon of 16th November is dedicated to parallel thematic workshops explaining the intervention logic for projects in the fields of SME internationalisation and innovation, sustainable tourism, green technologies, sustainable transport, skills development and cooperation capacity building.

Check the full programme and register here