Register for individual project consultations

The next round of individual consultation meetings is scheduled for autumn 2017. The Joint Secretariat will be available for project consultations in all South Baltic Member States as follows:
  • in Denmark: 14 November in Sorø
  • in Sweden: 15 November in Malmö
  • in Germany: 20 November in Schwerin
  • in Lithuania: 28 November in Klaipeda
  • in Poland: 28 November in Szczecin
  • at the Joint Secretariat in Gdansk: 27-30 November.
The Joint Secretariat stays flexible to your needs. If none of the dates are suitable for you, appoint individually through the registration form below.
Interested idea owners are requested to register for a meeting with the Joint Secretariat describing their idea with our online registration system here
Develop your idea before registering – use the working document ‘  Project idea form’ (docx) 822.0 KB.