Networking meeting organised by the Joint Secretariat – save the date

Programming perspectives come to an end, so projects do, but the knowledge and the experience stay there. It is important to capture the results of projects, analyse and share them. Networking proved to be a great tool to connect people, build new relations and turn them into fruitful cooperation. The Joint Secretariat organises a virtual networking meeting which will take place on 27 April 2021. Its aim is to connect not only South Baltic projects but also other EU programmes and their projects which have common values and goals.

During the meeting, the concept of capitalisation will be explored. After the meeting, participants will be able to answer questions:

  1. What is capitalisation?
  2. Why is capitalisation important?
  3. How can we communicate projects’ results?  

The key factor in the process of capitalising projects’ results is to get to know each other and our potentials. Participants should be ready for a fair dose of networking.

Please, follow the Programme’s website for a more detailed agenda and a registration link. The meeting will be organised via the ZOOM platform.

event graphic with a date and time