Project title
MORPHEUS - Model Areas for Removal of Pharmaceutical Substances in the South Baltic
Project description
The project involves 7 partners and 9 associated partners from 4 Programme Member States (Sweden, Germany, Poland and Lithuania).
The overall idea of the project is to address challenge of the pharmaceutical pollution in the Baltic Sea area. Chemical pollution of surface water presents a threat to the aquatic environment with effects of losses of habitats and biodiversity, as well as a threat to human health. According to the directive 2008/105/EC, as a matter of priority, causes of pollution should be identified and emissions should be dealt with at source, in the most economically and environmentally effective manner.
The project’s activities are planned to create a background image in terms of regional consumption of pharmaceuticals (under WP 3), chemical burden caused by pharmaceuticals released from selected waste water treatment plants in each region (WP 4), as well as existing treatment systems in the four selected regions surrounding the southern part of Baltic Sea (WP5). The aim of WP6 is to prepare a scheme for the training course for waste water treatment plants (WWTPs) operators and professional staff at chemical laboratories and training material for participants of such courses - all connected study visits at WWTPs using advanced technologies that removes or reduces the concentration of pharmaceutical substances in treated sewage (WP 5).
The main target groups of the project are staff of waste water treatment plants, as well as decision and policy makers (regional/national authorities dealing with waste water treatment).
Project total eligible budget
1 597 591,85 EUR
1 310 706,12 EUR
Project start date
01 Jan 2017
Project end date
31 Dec 2019
Lead partner
Name: Kristianstad University
Address: Elmetorpsvägen 15, 29188 Kristianstad
Region/Subregion: Skane län
Country: Sweden
Project partner
Name: EUCC - The Coastal Union Germany
Address: Seestr. 15, 18119 Rostock
Region/Subregion: Kreisfreie Stadt Rostock
Country: Germany
Name: University of Rostock
Address: Universitätsplatz 1, 18055 Rostock
Region/Subregion: Kreisfreie Stadt Rostock
Country: Germany
Name: Gdansk Water Foundation
Address: Rycerska 9, 80-882 Gdańsk
Region/Subregion: Trójmiejski
Country: Poland
Name: Gdansk University of Technology
Address: Narutowicza 11/12, 80-233 Gdańsk
Region/Subregion: Trójmiejski
Country: Poland
Name: Environmental Protection Agency
Address: A.Juozapavičiaus g. 9, 09311 Vilnius
Region/Subregion: Other
Country: Lithuania
Name: Klaipeda University
Address: H.Manto 84, 92294 Klaipeda
Region/Subregion: Klaipedos apskritis
Country: Lithuania