LiveLagoons - The use of active barriers for the nutrient removal and local water quality improvement in Baltic lagoons

Project description

There are many attempts to use mussels or algae cultivation for nutrient removal in the South Baltic area. However, due to low market value of cultivated products, these developments typically end in the initial stage of demonstration studies and are neither sustainable, nor replicated in other than pilot areas. On the other hand there are commercial applications called in general 'living' or 'active' barriers (e.g. life rafts, BIOHAVEN® LIVING SHORELINE) aimed at both restoration and rehabilitation of coastal habitats and local enhancement of water quality by nutrient absorption and removal. Our idea is to involve the coastal municipalities in the South Baltic lagoons into the application of so called 'active' or 'living' barrier units to improve water quality and create bathing conditions inside the South Baltic lagoons, where at normal conditions algal blooms and sediment re-suspension prevent recreational bathing. We also plan to link these applications to nutrient quota trading - mechanism for connecting effective nutrient abatement measures with voluntary financiers willing to acquire nutrient offset, relevant for the small coastal communities (especially in cross-border lagoons) pressed for the increased removal of nutrients through the municipal wastewater treatment plants, which are facing operational problems due to sharp fluctuations of population (a tenfold increase during the summer season). Our envisaged results include small scale local improvement of water quality (pilot installations), but, most importantly, increased awareness of local stakeholders interested in water quality and tourism (municipalities, PA administrations) and innovations (SMEs) of our tested technological applications. The cross-border co-operation will allow us to test both technological and socio-economical methodology in different environments including 2 cross-border case studies.

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Project website

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Project total eligible budget
1 154 670,00 EUR
981 469,50 EUR
Project start date
01 Aug 2017
Project end date
31 Dec 2021
Lead partner

Name: Klaipėda University
Address: H. Manto 84, LT-92294 Klaipėda
Region/Subregion: Klaipedos apskritis
Country: Lithuania

Project partner
Name: EUCC - The Coastal Union Germany
Address: Seestr. 15 , 18119, Rostock
Region/Subregion: Kreisfreie Stadt Rostock
Country: Germany

Name: Institute of Hydro-Engineering, Polish Academy of Sciences
Address: Kościerska 7, 80-328 Gdańsk
Region/Subregion: Gdański
Country: Poland

Name: Curonian Spit National Park Administration
Address: Naglių 8, LT-93123 Neringa
Region/Subregion: Klaipedos apskritis
Country: Lithuania
Category of intervention
085 Protection and enhancement of biodiversity, nature protection and green infrastructure