Let’s talk about Interreg! #3

In 2020 we celebrate 30 years of Interreg. On this occasion, we asked representatives of the Interreg South Baltic Programme projects, regional authorities, as well as local people and activists to share their experiences about the Interreg funds and the cross-border cooperation. 

Anne Thomas, the Director of the Centre for Regional and Tourism Research in Nexø on Bornholm, Denmark, who has been involved in cross-border cooperation for an island of Bornholm for many years shares her thoughts.

Let’s talk about Interreg!

Interreg is the program that enables us to connect with our immediate neighbouring regions in Poland, Germany and Sweden, respectively. In fact, we often have more in common with them than we have with our own Capital Region. So that's why the Interreg program is really, really important for an island like Bornholm, which is in the middle of the Baltic Sea. The Interreg program is for us a really important opportunity to work with our immediate neighbours, which is across borders. We often have more in common with the regions located in Poland, Germany, and southern Sweden than we have with our own Capital Region. Therefore, we have really strong partners in the development work, we engage in. 

*The video was produced in cooperation with Interact Programme, Viborg office, Denmark.