Let’s talk about Interreg! # 2

In 2020 we celebrate 30 years of Interreg. On this occasion, we asked representatives of the Interreg South Baltic Programme projects to share their experiences about the Interreg funds and the cross-border cooperation. 

Birgitt Bjerre, the founder of Sundruten, the local cycling group in Guldborgsund, tells her story about how the support from Interreg and the INTERCONNECT project helped to finance 15.000 brochures of cycling routes in the Guldborgsund and in Rostock areas. The group of cycling routes is called ‘the Bicycle Flower’ as in the landscape their shapes create flower petals with a stalk (the Guldborgsund area) and leaves (the Rostock area). There are seven cycling routes in the area of Guldborgsund and three in the Rostock area. Each of them is marked on the map with a different colour. They are 20-50 km long, perfect for one-day trips.

Let’s talk about Interreg!

My name is Birgitt Bjerre and I am a local fiery soul and the founder of ‘the Bicycle Flower’ which I have worked with for the past 25 years. In Sundruten (red. the local cycling group) we had talked about how to get support for cycling routes to Germany and to get an international connection between our routes in Guldborgsund and in the Rostock area. The Interreg project INTERCONNECT co-financed a reprint of the brochure ‘the Bicycle Flower’, which has cycling routes in Guldborgsund but now we have also managed to include three new cycling routes in the Rostock area. Precisely, the support from INTERCONNECT has made it possible to meet with the Rostock Cycling organisation, ADFC, during several meetings. They have become our neighbouring friends and we will continue to make more cycling routes together during our visits to each other. It has truly improved a great collaboration between northern Germany, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Guldborgsund. We are truly grateful for the support of Interreg to finance and improve tourism and cycling tourism in the area. 

What the INTERCONNECT project has meant for you (as a local cycling group)?

INTERCONNECT has truly improved friendship with our German friends in the Rostock area with whom we wished to improve and make CO2 neutral cycling tourism come true. It has started to boom. More and more are coming to Guldborgsund and the Danes are going to Rostock. We believe it has had a great impact on health and cycling tourism. It has an impact on people and on nature in general – and on people who wants to explore nature. This I believe Interreg (and INTERCONNECT) has boosted. 

*The video was produced in cooperation with Interact Programme, Viborg office, Denmark.