Let's do it - South Baltic Initiatives to stop climate change

Project description

Local stakeholders, especially in the school sector, are hesitating to join cross-border cooperation projects due to a lack of knowledge about management of EU funded projects, lack of personnel capacities & time to deal with EU projects, missing language skills & methods on intercultural learning, connected with an uncertainty about the personal capability to implement international activities. Let’s Do It focuses on test pilots on realizing several cross-border teacher seminars and hands-on teacher training camps, involving schools in all partner cities to demonstrate how school exchanges can be realized in practice. Especially smaller municipalities and schools themselves are encouraged to experience the potential of getting involved in international networks and are put in the position to handle cross-border cooperation projects and exchange programs. The challenge is to raise awareness & encourage school stakeholders to start international cooperation projects on their own & set up routines for it. The project’s objective is to provide a test-ground for the participating schools & teaching staff to realize international school exchanges on climate change to try out methods in a hands-on training approach for the teachers who will together with other teachers from other schools plan, carry out and evaluate school exchanges that include workshops on the climate protection issue. The contents of the project can be summarized as follows: developing a transferable concept for international school cooperation, organizing teacher seminars about all aspects of international school cooperation, testing and evaluating multilateral camps with students as hands-on experience on how a school exchange works in practice. The results will be long-lasting relations to other schools, increased capacities and knowledge on how to work internationally by doing it, positive experiences from an intercultural dialogue, routine in organizing international school projects.


Project website

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Project total eligible budget
444 005,50 EUR
351 711,18 EUR
Project start date
01 May 2016
Project end date
30 Apr 2018
Lead partner
Name: Fjord School
Address: Fjordvej 46-48, 4800 Nykobing Falster
Region/Subregion: Vest-og Sydsjalland
Country: Denmark
Project partner
Name: Falkenberg School, Kalmar Municipality
Address: Falkenbergsvägen 12, 39244 Kalmar
Region/Subregion: Kalmar län
Country: Sweden
Name: Gargzdai Minija progymnasium
Address: P.Cvirkos 25, 96134 Gargzdai
Region/Subregion: Klaipedos apskritis
Country: Lithuania
Name: Klaipeda Sendvario pre-gymnasium
Address: Tilzes 39, 91255 Klaipeda
Region/Subregion: Klaipedos apskritis
Country: Lithuania
Name: City of Schwaan
Address: Pferdemarkt 2, 18258 Schwaan
Region/Subregion: Landkreis Rostock
Country: Germany
Name: Reda City Municipality
Address: Gdańska 33, 80-240 Reda
Region/Subregion: Gdański
Country: Poland
Name: Educational Association of Social Primary School & Social Gymnasium No. 1
Address: Obroncow Wybrzeza 1, 84-200 Wejherowo
Region/Subregion: Gdański
Country: Poland
Category of intervention
096 Institutional capacity of public administrations and public services related to implementation of the ERDF or actions
supporting ESF institutional capacity initiatives