LCL - Low Carbon Logistics

Project description

With the overall aim of starting the establishment of low carbon logistic structures in four locations within the SB-region, giving them best practice status towards widest possible adaptation, the project will be organised as follows:

Analysis of preconditions (flows, type of goods, stakeholders, guidelines etc.).
Joint development of a low carbon logistics concept for towns and rural areas in the SB region, which will be done jointly by the pilot regions and an international consortium of transport and mobility experts.
The joint concept will serve as the basis for local/regional working plans+long-term strategies, developed as local adaptations in close cooperation with relevant players.
In its last stage, the project will start the active implementation of the determined measures and solutions, one pilot measure per region included.
The whole process is designed to be continued after the project towards a holistic low carbon logistic area in accordance with the international concept. To achieve this, this work will be accompanied by extensive public acceptance measures from the very beginning, which includes campaign work, but also the development and recommendation of business models related to low carbon logistics, the creation of an international label for low carbon logistics institutions and learning from best practices by different means. A third field of project activities aims to merge the national expertise of the involved expert partners for optimum international use and to ensure that this expertise plus the additional knowhow gained via the project work will remain available for active use during and after the project: For this, an international consultancy structure will be established and lastingly operated towards supporting specific regions with the green logistics attempts, guidance on green policy instruments relevant for this work included.

Project total eligible budget
1 788 146,37 EUR
1 466 075,60 EUR
Project start date
01 Jun 2016
Project end date
31 May 2019
Lead partner
Name: Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden Ltd. (ESS)
Address: Smedjegatan 37, 35246 Växjö
Region/Subregion: Kronobergs län
Country: Sweden
Project partner
Name: Olofströms Näringsliv AB
Address: Vällaregatan 30, 29338 Olofström
Region/Subregion: Blekinge län
Country: Sweden
Name: Public institution Rietavas Tourism and Business Information Centre / RTVIC
Address: Parko 5, 90311 Rietavas
Region/Subregion: Telsiu apskritis
Country: Lithuania
Name: Research GmbH Wismar, Competence Centre for Rural Area Mobility
Address: Alter Holzhafen 19, 23699 Wismar
Region/Subregion: Landkreis Nordwestmecklenburg
Country: Germany
Name: Maritime University of Szczecin
Address: Wały Chrobrego 1-2, 70-500 Szczecin
Region/Subregion: Szczeciński
Country: Poland
Name: Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility (IKEM)
Address: Domstraße 20a, 17489 Greifswald
Region/Subregion: Landkreis Vorpommern-Greifswald
Country: Germany
Name: Neringa Municipality
Address: Taikos g. 2, 39012 Neringa
Region/Subregion: Klaipedos apskritis
Country: Lithuania
Name: The Green Policy Institute
Address: Šermukšniu g. 6A, 01106 Vilnius
Region/Subregion: Vilnius
Country: Lithuania
Name: Rietavas Municipality Administration
Address: Laisves sq. 3, 90311 Rietavas
Region/Subregion: Telsiu apskritis
Country: Lithuania
Category of intervention

036 Multimodal transport