JOHANN - Joint development of Small Cruise Ship tourism heritage products in the Southern Baltic Sea Region

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What changed with JOHANN?

Small cruise ship businesses did not plan travels to small cities in the South Baltic area, although the cities are quite attractive - some of their old towns are even registered as UNESCO world heritage sites. Basic information about the small ports was lacking, as well as a fitting visitor's program for short visits in the area. JOHANN changed this situation by creating handbooks presenting necessary information to attract the businesses to the small city ports in the future.


What did the project create?

The project JOHANN created port handbooks showing the specificities of the small ports and destination handbooks showing detailed information about attractive sights and activities for visitor's programs. The JOHANN team got in regular contact with representatives of small cruise ship businesses and lobbied for the attractive small cities of the South Baltic area.

You can find the project's outputs below.


Map of possible itinerary: Departures and arrivals


Project Outputs

Find more information on the JOHANN website.


Project description

The project involves eight project partners: six project destinations (Rostock, Wismar, Stralsund, Szczecin, Karlskrona, Kalmar) represented by cities/ municipality/ tourism boards, supported by two partners from Germany (support in activities to be implemented in Rostock, Wismar and Stralsund) and Poland (responsible together with university for Szczecin destination). The partnership consortium is accompanied by ten associated partners (though 14 Letters of Commitment is provided), representing private cruise operators, port authorities, municipalities, tourism associations etc.
The overall idea of the project is to develop the South Baltic region as an attractive small cruise ships (SCS) destination with cultural and natural SCS heritage routes by laying down necessary provisions in the six selected destinations: Rostock, Wismar, Stralsund, Kalmar, Karlskrona and Szczecin. The project is going to develop all-round cruise routes/ packages for the private cruise operators (main target group).
The project’s activities are going to start with the project focusing on the small cruise ship destinations by developing heritage routes, follow with actions to improve the capacity of the local actors (both on water ‘side’ and land ‘side’) and by revitalising heritage of destination ports.
The main target groups are cruise operators, multipliers (media) and tourists; local actors related to regional tourism and port management as well as decision makers in the project cruise destinations (city administration, port authorities etc.).

Project total eligible budget
2 252 038,65 EUR
1 864 846,94 EUR
Project start date
01 Jan 2017
Project end date
31 Dec 2019
Lead partner
Name: Hanseatic City of Rostock
Address: Neuer Markt 3, 18055 Rostock
Region/Subregion: Kreisfreie Stadt Rostock
Country: Germany
Project partner
Name: Hanseatic City of Wismar
Address: Am Markt 1, 23966 Wismar
Region/Subregion: Landkreis Nordwestmecklenburg
Country: Germany
Name: Tourism Board Stralsund
Address: Alter Markt 9, 18439 Stralsund
Region/Subregion: Landkreis Vorpommern-Rügen
Country: Germany
Name: Economic Development Corporation Vorpommern
Address: Brandteichstraße 20, 17489 Greifswald
Region/Subregion: Landkreis Vorpommern-Greifswald
Country: Germany
Name: Municipality of Karlskrona
Address: Östra Hamngatan, 37132 Karlskrona
Region/Subregion: Blekinge län
Country: Sweden
Name: Media Dizajn
Address: ul. Bandurskiego 96/23, 71-685 Szczecin
Region/Subregion: Miasto Szczecin
Country: Poland
Name: Gdynia Maritime University
Address: Morska 83, 81-225 Gdynia
Region/Subregion: Trójmiejski
Country: Poland
Name: Destination Kalmar AB
Address: Ölandskajen 11, 39231 Kalmar
Region/Subregion: Kalmar län
Country: Sweden
Category of intervention
091 Development and promotion of the tourism potential of natural areas