Interreg South Baltic Programme plans on future calls for proposals

The finalized projects financed by the Interreg South Baltic Programme have already generated some amount of savings and some more are expected to appear from on-going projects.

The Programme strives to use the whole amount of available ERDF. Therefore, the Monitoring Committee of the Interreg South Baltic Programme has made the decision to launch:
•    mini calls dedicated for running projects in II half of 2020 and II half of 2021
•    Seed Money calls in II/III quarter 2021 and III/IV quarter 2022.

The first mini call for running projects is planned to be launched in IV quarter of 2020 with approximate allocation of 1,4 mln EUR (total eligible expenditure). Projects which would like to participate should address the goal to mitigate the possible negative impact on the project implementation caused by COVID-19, to mitigate negative consequences of COVID-19 pandemic in the support area or to extend the scope of the implementation in order to create added value.
Seed money calls will be dedicated for preparing potential partnerships for the 2021-2027 perspective Programme.

Please follow the Programme’s website for further updates and be in contact with the officers of the Joint Secretariat.