Interreg MOOC – a course for enhancing awareness about territorial cooperation towards the younger generation

We are all aware of the importance of enhancing awareness about Interreg and territorial cooperation, in particular towards the younger generation.

To this aim, DG REGIO is launching – in a joint initiative of the European Commission and a consortium led by the University of Strasbourg – the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on territorial cooperation in all its dimensions. The MOOC is a course at the university-level, fully online therefore anyone and anywhere can attend it. It is one of the innovative means used today in higher education to promote knowledge sharing.

This particular MOOC has two general goals:

  • To enhance Europeans’ knowledge of territorial cooperation in Europe.
  • To promote knowledge building about its contexts and its impacts, namely by fostering a wider adoption by higher education and research organisations, of research lines addressing territorial cooperation in all its dimensions

As such its targeted audiences are quite diverse, including inter alia:

  • Academic community (e.g students and researchers)
  • Practitioners of territorial cooperation (e.g. programme authorities, project promoters, partners)
  • Individuals and organisations living/based in border regions wanting to promote the development of their cross-border region.
  • Individuals and organisations active in the implementation of Macro-regional Strategies

We encourage individuals and organisations in the territories covered by the South Baltic programme to attend the course.

Practical info on the course:

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Is it enough just to register via the link mentioned above to make reservation or additional steps are required?
A: Yes, that is enough. Registered participants will receive more information at a later stage.

Q: How will the course agenda and schedule look like? 
A: Four chapters as described in the link. Details will be released progressively.

Q: How many classes per day and in what form?
A: Depends a bit on how different participants will approach the tasks. One indicative idea is about 3 hours per week.

Q: Will it be necessary to take part live?
A: Sessions will be asynchronous. No fixed timings to attend. No “lives”.

Q: Do you plan to share training materials via Interreg MOOC platform?
A: All necessary materials will be shared via the platform. That will also serve as the meeting place to promote discussion amongst the participants.

Q: Will the materials be available on the site for a longer time so that to use them at any time?
A: For the time being materials will be available for the duration of the course. But we follow an open access policy, implying that later stage materials should be made available elsewhere. Details on how that will take place are not yet available though.