Interreg Matchmaking! Baltic for All established cooperation with Active Seniors!

WE MADE IT! Recently, two projects financed by two different programmes have established new cooperation! “Active for All” from Interreg South Baltic and “Active Seniors” (Aktywni seniorzy/Aktive Senioren) from Interreg Poland-Saxony 2014-2020.

“Active for All” is a project from the 3rd Seed Money Call aimed at engaging people with disabilities and seniors in the area of the Baltic Sea people through active sport and tourism together with local government support. The project is led by the Commune of Kołobrzeg in partnership with the Administration of Silute District Municipality in Lithuania and the City of Barth, in Germany and it is based on the previous experience of the Baltic For All project. The convergence with the “Active Seniors” between these two projects makes concrete the capitalisation of our joint efforts in fostering transboundary cooperation in the European Union.

The first meeting took place at the Water Sports Center in Dźwirzyno, which gathered senior representatives of the Kołobrzeg Commune and representatives of the Karkonosze Regional Development Agency (KARR S.A. Jelenia Góra). KARR representatives came from Jelenia Góra to talk about the Active Seniors EU project, which is being implemented on the Polish-German border. They described exactly how such initiatives work and what can be expected from them. Seniors from the community club "Young in Spirit” (Polish: Młodzi Duchem) listened with curiosity to the presentations and asked questions. The topic aroused interest. The intention of the commune in organising the meeting was to establish cooperation with KARR and transfer an identical project to the Commune of Kołobrzeg.

Active for All + Active Seniors