Interreg and the Baltic civil society

The Polish Presidency of the Council of the Baltic Sea States gave occasion for yet another gathering of like-minded people living in the Baltic Sea Region. This time, the pan-Baltic exchange was revolving around non-governmental organisations. The 14th Baltic Sea NGO forum took place in Gdansk on 10th June 2016 gathering numerous NGO representatives from all countries surrounding the Baltic Sea as well as Iceland and Norway.

What can funding programmes offer to the Baltic civil society? This question was raised by the forum’s organisers who wanted to acquaint the participants with Interreg. In many regions, reportedly, NGOs have never tried to tap into the Interreg offer, despite their willingness to cooperate with other organisations across borders. Representing the South Baltic Joint Secretariat, Jakub Fedorowicz explained the cooperation principles and encouraged the voluntary sector to engage in cross-border cooperation projects.  For many NGOs, this was their very first encounter with Interreg, making civil society advocates also cooperation enthusiasts.

    Interreg and the Baltic civil society Interreg and the Baltic civil society