Project title
Project description
The project idea derives from the claim that the international cooperation and promotion of “blue economy” companies is less developed in South Baltic area in comparison to other EU macro-regions. According to the project this is due to insufficient support for internationalisation of “blue economy” companies from the regional actors. The state of play is that many rapidly growing companies (shipyards, offshore companies, ports, etc. ) have predominantly local or national character. The future project idea will address cross-border coordination of efforts in supporting the internationalisation and promotion of maritime sector, as INTERMARE notices that “each region covered by Interreg South Baltic Programme separately is not strong enough to compete with other European or global economies “. The future project would like to establish instruments to support the international cooperation and promotion of blue economy enterprises, such as:
  • a “road map” for international promotion of the blue economy;
  • a website / joint database with information on companies, business areas;
  • big international fair supporting SMEs export and international cooperation under one global brand;
  • instruments for support of investors;
  • workshops for entrepreneurs.
Project total eligible budget
40.000,00 EUR
34.000,00 EUR
Project start date
01 Sep 2016
Project end date
31 Dec 2016
Lead partner
Name: Gdansk International Fair Co.
Contact person: Krzysztof Śmiech
Address: Żaglowa 11, 80-560 Gdańsk
Region/Subregion: Trójmiejski
Country: Poland
Project partner
Name: Rostock Business and Technology Development GmbH
Contact person: Gert Proba
Address: Schweriner Str. 10/11, 18069 Rostock
Region/Subregion: Kreisfreie Stadt Rostock
Country: Germany